Our Bylaws

Bylaws of the Lake County YES Coalition – Youth Empowerment for Success

Article I - Name
The name of the organization shall be "The Lake County YES Coalition – Youth Empowerment for Success."

Article II - Purpose
The organization is dedicated to increasing access to and availability of quality out of school time and youth development programs in Lake County.. The Lake County YES Coalition will consider all aspects of healthy youth development and support in its efforts including the needs of youth, families and communities.  Our purpose is to better utilize existing resources to meet identified needs. The Lake County YES Coalition is a not for profit organization.

The Coalition:
  1.  May participate in comprehensive ongoing assessment of community needs, gaps, and current youth focused programs in partnership with Coalition members and their networks throughout Lake County.
  2. Will maintain a permanent organizational structure for the Coalition.
  3. Will continue Coalition building and partnering to maximize support and resources, including funding for out of school time and youth development programs to ensure a community-wide commitment to youth safety and success.
  4. May facilitate convenings to enhance awareness of the need for available, effective, engaging, safe, and inclusive youth and family programs.
  5. May support a process for ongoing program assessment and evaluation.

Article III - Membership
  1. Members

    The membership shall consist of individuals, groups, and institutions interested in and committed to the work of the Lake County YES Coalition. Advisory Board participants shall be honorary members.

  1. Annual Meeting

    An annual meeting is to be held once each calendar year for the purpose of electing the Board of Directors. Additional meetings will be called as determined.

  1. Voting

    Each member present at a meeting, either in person or by proxy, shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the members.

  1. Monthly meetings may be referred to as ‘stakeholder meetings', which are open to the general membership and general public.

Article IV - Board of Directors
1.     Board of Directors Membership

Members of the Board of Directors will be nominated from the general membership prior to the annual meeting. As Committees are established by the recommendation and approval of the Board, representative member(s) of the Board of Directors will participate and serve as liaison to the full Board.

2.     General Powers

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for electing officers, planning, setting policies, supporting, and advocating to further the purpose of the Coalition.

3.     Number of Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of no less than 15 and no more than 20 persons.

4.     Advisory Board Members

The coalition will offer membership to advisory board members. Advisory Board members who have an interest in the work of the coalition but are unable to participate on a regular basis, can volunteer or be nominated to advisory board status.  The Board of Directors will review and invite renewal or new membership to the Advisory Board prior to the annual meeting. The advisory board members will receive minutes of board meetings and other pertinent coalition information. Advisory board members may be asked occasionally to provide input to the board regarding the work of the coalition. Advisory board members have no voting privileges on the board. Such members have the right to vote with the general membership.

5.     Election and Terms
A.   Directors shall be elected by the general membership at the annual meeting of the members.
B.    Initially 50% of Directors will be elected for one year and 50% for two years. Thereafter, Directors shall be elected for two-year terms and may serve no more than three consecutive terms. Directors elected to fill vacancies are eligible to serve three full terms. Directors are eligible for election after a twelve-month absence from the Board.
C.    Officers shall be elected annually by the Board of Directors at a board meeting following the annual meeting. Terms of Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary shall be staggered.
D.   A board member may be removed by a 2/3 vote of Board of Directors.

6.     Meetings

There shall be at least three regular meetings of the Board of Directors in each year: one to elect officers of the board,  and to review updates to the Bylaws. Other Board of Director meetings can be called if necessary. Members of the Board of Directors are expected to be in attendance at two-thirds of the meetings scheduled per year.

7.     Attendance via audio or video conference will be considered the same as attendance in person.
8.     Quorum

A quorum at any meeting of Directors shall consist of a one third majority of the then current Board membership, present in person or by proxy.

9.     Voting

No action shall be binding unless a quorum of the Board is present in person or by proxy.

Article V - Officers
  1. Officers

    The Officers of the organization shall be Chair,  Co-Chair Secretary(s), Treasurer, and additional officers, as the Board of Directors deems necessary.

  1. Terms

    Each officer shall hold office for a two year term or until his or her successor qualifies and is elected or until he or she resigns. An officer may serve a total of four terms (inclusive of terms served as a board member and an officer).

  1. Resignations

    Any officer may resign at any time by giving written notice of his or her resignation to the Board of Directors, to the Chair or to the Secretary of the organization. Any such resignation shall take effect at the time specified therein, and unless otherwise specified therein, the acceptance of such resignation shall not be necessary to make if effective.

  1. Vacancies

    Any vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the unfinished term by the Executive Committee, with the approval of the Board of Directors.

  1. Chair

    The Chair shall preside at all Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings and shall discharge all duties incident to the office of Chair, except in those instances in which the authority to execute is expressly delegated to another officer or agent of the organization.

  1. Co-Chair

    The Co-Chair shall assist the Chair in the discharge of his/her duties and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chair or the Board of Directors. In the absence of the Chair, the  Co-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair.

  1. Secretary(s)

    The Secretary shall record proceedings of general meetings of the organization and of meetings of the Board of Directors. He or she shall, when directed to do so, give proper notice of meetings and attend to general correspondence of the organization. The Secretary shall perform such other duties as may be requested by the Board of Directors or the Chair.

  1. Treasurer

    The Treasurer shall oversee full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements, render monthly and annual financial reports to the Board of Directors and shall insure that an audit is conducted annually The Treasurer shall work collaboratively with the Fiscal Agent for the Coalition in fulfilling these duties. Immediate Past President

    The Immediate Past Chair shall serve on the Executive Committee for two years.

Article VI - Committees
The Board of Directors shall have the authority by resolution to establish committees with membership, duration, duties, and responsibilities.
  1. Executive Committee shall be comprised of the officers of the Board of Directors and the Immediate Past President. The Executive Committee shall have the power to make decisions on behalf of the organization.
  2. Standing Committees and ad hoc Committees shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.

Article VII - Fiduciary
The Board of Directors shall assume and discharge fiduciary responsibility with respect to all funds held or administered by this organization. The Board of Directors may also designate this responsibility to a fiscal agent.

Article VIII - Authorization Without a Meeting
Any action that may be taken at a meeting of the Executive Committee may be taken without a meeting when authorized in writing and signed by all Executive Committee Members.

Bylaws IX
Bylaws shall be reviewed biannually or as needed.
Bylaws approved February 28, 2005.
Bylaws revised January 2006
Bylaws revised October 23, 2006
Bylaws revisions approved March 19, 2007

Bylaws revisions approved March 24, 2015