Our Committees

Character Matters in Lake County - Raise awareness about the importance of positive character development through the Excellence in Character Awards program, recognizing youth and adult role models across Lake County who demonstrate outstanding character traits and contribute in positive, meaningful ways to their schools and communities. Encourage Lake County community members to recognize, model and reward good character as well. Committee chair: Ashley Ward (Charmm'd Foundation) 847-883-9956, ashley@tbgfoundations.org

Underage Drinking Prevention Task Force - The task force is supported by the Lake County After School Coalition and the Lake County Chiefs of Police Association. The mission is to provide leadership and resources to reduce and prevent youth substance use in Lake County. The task force consists of five committees including enforcement, legislative, resource, communication, and research. Contact Bill Gentes at wgentes@lakecountyil.gov for more information.

Mundelein's STAND-UP Task Force (Standing Up Against Underage Drinking Through Prevention) - This Task Force was created to direct and evaluate the activities of the Illinois Strategic Prevention Framework Grant awarded by the Illinois Department of Human Services to the LCASC, on behalf of Mundelein. This multi-sector leadership Task Force is focused on decreasing underage drinking and its associated consequences throughout Mundelein, via community-wide strategic planning and the development and implementation of focused strategies, practices, policies, and programs. This is a three-year project (2007 - 2010) with the goal of achieving effort sustainability at the end of the three years. The STAND-UP Task Force works in collaboration with the LCASC, the LCASC Underage Drinking Prevention Task Force, and the Mundelein After School Coalition (MASC).