About Us

The Lake County YES Coalition - Youth Empowerment for Success, formerly the Lake County After School Coalition, was founded in October, 2003 and consists of a coalition of community leaders dedicated to increasing access to quality after school and youth development programs in Lake County based on each community's needs and resources. The Coalition includes elected officials, chiefs of police, park district directors, community organizations, social service providers, library directors, faith-based organizations, educators, and others.

Strong after-school programs benefit children from all socio-economic levels. They prevent crime, drug use and other risky behavior by providing academic enrichment and extracurricular activities. Quality after-school programs can cut a high school student's risk of becoming involved in gangs and juvenile crime by as much as 75%. Being supervised after school cuts in half the risk that middle school kids will smoke, drink, abuse drugs or engage in risky sexual behaviors. 41% of Illinois 8th graders are home alone more than 10 hours per week.