Help Nicasa Raise Funds for New Boiler

Recent cold weather has taken a toll on one of Nicasa's boilers.  The boiler at Nicasa's Bridge House has been replaced and their residents are back home, but they’re still short of their goal.

Help today by donating. Even $5 makes a difference.  The cold weather has wreaked havoc on the 95-year-old Bridge House building. The frozen boiler has been replaced, but several pipes were also frozen and burst. Full repairs are going to cost significantly more than $15,000! You can help by donating $5 or more today. Residents are back home but we’re not out of the woods yet!]

Nicasa is a non-profit, behavioral health organization providing prevention, education, early intervention, treatment, and recovery services for individuals, families, and communities in Lake County, Illinois and the surrounding area.

Founded in 1966, Nicasa is a nationally-recognized leader in the field of substance abuse prevention and treatment, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles through advocacy, training, and educational programming.