News-Sun Editorial: October 6 Blue Shirt Day

The Lake County New-Sun published an editorial supporting recognition of October 6 as Blue Shirt Day to show opposition to bullying:
"The first step in a cure is to recognize the problem, and that you can be part of the solution.
The Lake County After School Coalition wants all of you to help. 
October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, and organizers want everyone to mark Oct. 6 on their calendar as “Blue Shirt Day.” All students, teachers and anyone who opposes bullying behavior are asked to wear a blue shirt that day.
The coalition supports teaching personal values to students while improving supportive after-school programs. It’s comprised of elected officials, chiefs of police, park district directors, community organizations, social service providers, library directors, faith-based organizations and educators.
You’ll hear more from them this month."
To read the editorial in its entirety, click here.